4 Things That Make My Music Room Functional

I definitely believe practice can be done in any space. Growing up, I practiced in a large room with 7 siblings practicing simultaneously. I learned to ignore them.  I also practiced for hundreds of hours in a tiny, empty practice room during my graduate program.  And, who hasn’t practiced in a public bathroom (great acoustics!) before a gig or audition?

Anyway, I FINALLY have a new music room!! We added onto our home last year, and turned an old bedroom into our music room. All my wishes of order and ease are coming true!  Here are four things I LOVE about my new music room:

1. There is an open home for every instrument.  All of our instruments are readily accessible, not stored in cases, so accessing them or sitting down to them is easy.  My violin has it’s own framed string swing nook, which I think she deserves after being kept nonchalantly on top of the piano for SO MANY years.  Our piano resides snuggly in a custom space between the cabinetry.  The harp and cellos are stored upright, ready for little fingers to occupy.

2. There are no doors on our music room.  Because there are no doors, when we have a home recital, we can easily rim the music room with chairs for the audience.  We don’t have to cram listeners into a confined room, or bring our instruments out of hiding.  Playing for visitors is simple.  Also, because there are no doors, I get to listen freely to my kids practicing, and shout out helpful hints (always in a pleasant voice, of course).

3. My sheet music is organized all in one place.  Before we built this music room, I had sheet music EVERYWHERE… in boxes in the garage, in my violin case, in various drawers, under my bed….But when we built our music room, I designed hutch cabinetry that would hold ALL of my sheet music (sigh of relief).

4. Music memories are alive in our music room.  We have plenty of pictures from recitals past, trinkets/trophies that my kids have earned, or artwork displayed.  I don’t really care for meaningless knickknacks all over my house, but in the music room, any small token that ignites a memory of success is welcome. 

Nobody needs a music room, but if you have a space that you use for playing music, make it yours. I would love to hear what you’ve done with your music space that makes being there feel good.