Making “Etude” Easy

If there is a “song that never ends,” it is Dr. Suzuki’s Etude. Found in the first volume of the violin, cello, and viola methods, Etude is a song that challenges students’ memories to the MAX!!!

There are plenty of lyrics for teaching Etude floating around on the internet… including the tongue twisters “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb,” as well as the “Henrietta Popoletta” version…but why add an additional brain teaser to this already complex piece?

Printables work well taped onto a music stand.

I wrote some new lyrics for Etude, emphasizing what an etude really is: an exercise. These lyrics have helped my kids learn Etude significantly quicker than the former lyrics proved. Segment the word ‘ex-er-cis-ing’ to the first four eighth notes in Etude, and you’re on your way to a great work out!

Listen to Etude’s lyrics here.

Here are my easy lyrics for Etude:

(each syllable represents an eighth note)

Ex-er-cis-ing, ex-er-cis-ing move your fin-gers light-ly, and they’ll be strong, and they’ll be strong and they won’t stop ev-er

(second half of measure 4 begins here): Ex-er-cis-ing, ex-er-cis-ing, ex-er-cis-ing move your fin-gers light-ly and they’ll be strong, and they’ll be strong, and they won’t stop ever,

(second half of measure 8 begins here): take a jump here, doooooooooown

(measure 10 begins here): take a jump here, doooooooooown

(second half of measure 11 starts here): take a step here, ex-er-cis-ing, ex-er-cis-ing, move your fin-gers doooooooown you’re done!

Well done!