Who Was Dr. Suzuki?

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki was a Japanese violinist who believed that all children have a natural ability to learn.

He grew up in a family of twelve children and worked in his father’s violin factory. As a child, Suzuki, began playing the violin without a formal teacher. It wasn’t until he was well into his twenties that he began violin lessons, when at age 26, he moved to Germany to study with Karl Klinger.

After his studies in Germany, he returned home to Japan, and began teaching children how to play the violin. He taught with extraordinary charisma. Dr. Suzuki was known to jump, sing, smile, and dance while teaching. Among the children he taught, was a significant war stricken orphan (known by many today simply as ‘Koji’). Dr. Suzuki continued to develop his program for teaching children throughout the 1940’s.

Dr. Suzuki believed that music could ‘save the world’ because of the character and depth of heart that a musician develops. His method pioneered in the United States in the 1970’s.

Shinichi Suzuki lived to be 99 years old, passing away in 1998. His musical gift to the world is unmeasurable!

Today, those who learned from Dr. Suzuki, are highly sought after clinicians and teachers. They, along with thousands of other dedicated Suzuki Teachers and Suzuki Organizations keep his vision alive. More about Dr. Suzuki can be found here.