Twinkle Practice Aids

The Twinkles in context:

The first song that every Suzuki student learns to play is a variation of “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.”

After one variation is learned, they move on to another variation, which is slightly different from the first. Over time, beginners learn up to five different variations.

The Twinkle Variations disguise the learning process into repeating one song in five different ways. All the while, the student thinks he is learning five different songs! I have yet to teach a Twinkler who has figured out this masquerade!

Making the Twinkles visual:

Using picture cards to represent the Twinkle Variations has proved to be fun and helpful for many of my learners. Instead of sketching your own pictures, I have these adorable ones all ready for you!

Twinkle Variation Picture Cards

Ways to use Twinkle Cards:

  • Place them front side down and let your Twinkler ‘mystery’ pick one to play.
  • Glue them on popsicle sticks and keep in a jar for a spontaneous option.
  • Insert them into a learning block, roll it, and follow it’s prompt for which variation to play.
  • Hide them around the room, and, when your Twinkler finds one, she can play it in her new location.
You can find these learning blocks, here.
Make your own “Twinkle die”

Twinkle repetition:

As your student is practicing the Twinkles over and over and over…keep track of her repetitions, using this chart:

I Know How to Twinkle, a 100 times chart.

Twinkle Song Form:

The Twinkles provide an introduction to the form of a song. Some teachers will teach the “ABBA” form, some will call it “red, blue, blue, red” form, and some use the imagery of a sandwhich “bread, cheese, cheese, bread,” to describe the way song unfolds.

I teach my kids using the sandwhich form.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is in ‘ABBA’ form, or ‘sandwich form.’

Celebrating the Twinkles:

When my kids finish learning their Twinkles, a MONUMENTAL task has been accomplished. Consider rewarding them with a pack of Starbursts!

Celebrate graduating from the Twinkles with a pack of Starburst!