20 Ways To Make Review Pieces Fun!

Review is one of the most important parts of practice–but that doesn’t mean it has to be the most boring part of practice. Here are some ways to enjoy your review pieces.

Try playing your review pieces:

1- in the dark. Are they truly memorized?

2- for an audience. Tell your guests what technique you are working on and have them ring a bell whenever it needs fixing.

3- as slow as a snail.

4- invisibly without your instrument, then with your instrument.

5- with the Suzuki recordings.

6- with sunglasses on.

Play your pieces with a goofy facial expression, or sunglasses.

7- with a sibling musician.

8- in front of a mirror.

9- while marching (in place for cellists/harpists/pianists).

10- with a different facial expression for each piece. A frown, a smile, or a smirk…your sibling might want to take a picture of each expression while you practice!

11- with exaggerated dynamics.

12- with a pair of dice: the number you roll indicates which piece you play (first song in the book is number one, second song in the book is number two, etc)…

Use dice to indicate which song you will play.

13- with numbers one through ten placed before you. Judge yourself, how did you do?

14- after singing the piece.

15- with only eleven seconds in between each piece.

16- in a room you have never before practiced in (have you tried the bathroom? great acoustics)!

Have you tried practicing in the bathroom?

17- among other sections of practice (3 review pieces after scales, 3 review pieces after note-reading, 3 pieces after new piece, etc).

17.5- in guitar position with pizzicato (for violinists).

18- for your stuffed animals (they are very forgiving with mistakes).

Play your review pieces for your stuffed animals!

19- laying down.

20- while sucking on a hard candy, how many pieces can you play before it dissolves?

Let me know what YOU do at home to make Review Pieces fun to practice, drop a comment below!