Discovery Learning

Did you know when a child discovers something on their own, they are more likely to remember it?

Kids who make a discovery in the learning process are also more likely to be lifelong learners, to solve problems better, and to inquire into processes more.

As music teachers, we can introduce new concepts using the discovery method:

For example, “Let me play the beginning of this new piece for you…when I stop playing, see if you can play the next note without me telling you what it is!” Kids who have been listening to their Suzuki recordings can usually do this–and feel SUPREMELY proud of themselves!

I created this printable, to offer another way for teachers to let students use discovery along their musical journey.

My kids have LOVED scratching the stickers off of these magnifying glasses to reveal a surprise practice task.

TO USE: Print the printable HERE, write assignments on each magnifying glass, then cover the magnifying glass with a scratch-off sticker. Now you are ready for some discovery learning!

You can use these scratch-off printables in several ways:

1- Write the names of review pieces to guide review practicing.

2- Write clues down to lead the child on a location scavanger hunt; each location they are guided to is where they get to practice for 5 minutes.

3- Write techniques that need extra practice (straight bow, elbow down, feet still).

4- Write the names of notes and let your child can put them in the proper order to create a major scale.

We bought this real magnifying glass from the dollar store!
Write a task on each magnifying glass, then cover it with a scratch off sticker.
Scratch off stickers like these, are available for about 5 bucks, HERE.

How else will you use this scratch-off mystery printable to guide some DISCOVERY LEARNING!?