New Year, New Habits

I have been reading “Atomic Habits,” by James Clear, just in time for my annual routine of setting New Year’s resolutions.

Here are a few gems I found in the book, that are applicable to a musician:

*”The goal is not to learn an instrument, the goal is to become a musician.”

*”Small changes often appear to make no difference until you cross a critical threshold. The most powerful outcomes of any compounding process are delayed. You need to be patient.”

*”You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

*”Once our habits become automatic, we stop paying attention to what we are doing.”

*”The process of behavior change always starts with awareness. You need to be aware of your habits before you can change them.”

*”Habit formation is the process by which a behavior becomes progressively more automatic through repetition.”

*”The amount of time you have been performing a habit is not as important as the number of times you have performed it.”

Download Goal Printable by clicking on the above image.

To complement the principles I learned from “Atomic Habits,” I made a printable for young musicians to use for habit tracking. You can find it HERE.

Happy New Year and Happy New Habits to you!