Welcome! I am Tiffany Egbert.

My objectives for this blog are to: first, support the Suzuki community (especially Suzuki Moms) and second, share the practice strategies that I am using at home with my kids.

I started playing the violin at age five, Suzuki Method. Music made my childhood magical.

After certifying in most of the books in the Suzuki Method, I went to college and became an early childhood educator. I taught full time in the public schools for five years. Simultaneous to teaching in the public schools, I established a violin studio in my home. I taught hundreds of beautiful, eager students! From my classroom and violin studio students, I learned what the greatest teaching tools are for me: my heart and a splash of creativity.

After giving birth to my first two children (twin boys!), I changed my public teaching focus. Now, teaching my four children at home is my greatest joy and most exhilarating challenge.

Each day I spend several hours practicing with my twin cellists and my harpist daughter. The rest of the day I am preventing our toddler from breaking another instrument (yes, it has happened). Despite many years spent teaching other’s children, I feel as though my greatest pedagogical experience lies in teaching my own children (isn’t being a parent the greatest schoolmaster)?

I currently play violin with the Orchestra at Temple Square. You can listen to them here, or tune in for a live broadcast on any Sunday morning.